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Women’s golf equipment is tailored to the needs of women players. This could be equipment to help improve their game, designed sportswear, or equipment to keep the course in good condition. A golf divot tool is something that golfers should have in their golf bags. It is used to repair the damaged areas of grass, cause by golfers swinging their clubs and brushing it, or when golf balls land on the putting greens. This makes putting frustrating, and if it is not properly repaired, the damage could become worse. If golfers repair the divots as they play, it helps keep the grass healthy.

A divot tool has two prongs, and to repair a divot in the grass the prongs are inserted at the outside edge of the mark, the turf is then closed over a gap or lifted to level it. This technique is so that no damage is caused to the grass roots, but the problem is that not all golfers know how to repair divots. A new divot tool, the Fusion, has solved this problem. It has three pins, and any divot can be repaired without learning any technique. The pins are popped in and out of the mark a few times, and the action lifts a dent without affecting the grass roots. Now, this new divot tool is changing how divots are repaired, and it’s a hot topic of conversation among golfers.

Women’s golf equipment is a good gift idea, and divot tools are a quality gift that any golfer would be pleased to own. The Fusion comes in a selection of color options to choose from, and it can be personalized with a message, brand or logo. If you want a gift that will please any golfer, a Fusion divot tool is a must have item.