What is a Golf Divot Tool

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If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is a divot tool?’ then we have the answer. Golf divot tools are a useful item of golfing lit that is used to repair the scuffs in the grass caused when gofers brush it with their clubs or when golf balls land on the putting green. Keeping the grass in good condition is important, but it is not just a job for the greenkeepers. Golfers should have a divot tool with them as they play, so that they can repair any marks they see.

A divot tool has two prongs, and they are used to carefully push the grass back as it was. The technique is to work from the outside edges, lifting the grass without affecting the roots. The problem here is that not all golfers use the right technique, and this can cause more damage and repair work. There is a solution to this problem. Pitchfix have designed a new divot tool that is changing how divots are repaired on the course. The Twister tool has three pins, and there is no technique needed to use it. To repair a divot, the pins are inserted into the mark a few rimes, and it lifts the grass without causing damage to the roots. Now anyone can repair a divot like a pro.

The Twister divot tool is something that any golfer would be happy to use. The pins retract for safety when not in use, so it is convenient to have in your kit. It comes in a range of colour options. If you want golf gifts to give to potential business clients, The Twister is a gift that gets a business noticed. It can be personalised with a message, logo or brand, and it is not expensive compared to other golf gifts. So the answer to ‘what is a divot tool?’ It has to be the Twister.