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The best gift ideas are those that make a person feel special, so when thinking of a gift idea then a favourite sport or hobby is one thing to consider. Golf is a sport that many people play, so finding unique golf gifts can make for a great present. There are so many golf gifts available that finding unique golf gifts can sometimes be tricky. The golf gifts that are often available are novelty golf themes items such as clothing or stationary sets, but the golf gifts that are appreciated are the ones that can actually be used on the golf course. A golf divot tool is something that any golfer would be happy to receive. It is used to repair the damage to the grass that is caused by golfers swinging their clubs too close to the ground, or by the golf balls landing on the putting green.

Repairing divots usually means bending or kneeling, and this can cause pain and inflammation on the spine and muscles. Professional greenkeepers often make lots of repairs in a single day, and this can cause ongoing back problems. Thankfully, we have designed a solution – the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It has a long handle that allows divot repairs to be done while standing. The interchangeable heads make easy work of repairs in any soil condition. This tool is not just for greenkeepers, have them placed at the edges of putting greens for players to use too! For effective divot repair, use a Greenkeeper Pro.

Business promo gifts should be top quality items, as they represent your business. However, if you need many gifts, they should not be expensive. We give you just the right balance between cost and quality with our range of golf divot tools and ball markers. With golf gadgets branding, your business, charity or team logo can be displayed. Each gift comes neatly presented and ready to hand out. Use them to remind existing clients about your business or hand them out at networking days to gain new clients. Call us now to see how golf gadgets branding will help grow your business.

All golfers are recommended to carry a divot tool with them as they play, so that they can fix any damage they see as they walk the course. The divot tool has two fork-like prongs that are inserted into the grass around the outside edges of the divot. The grass is then gently pushed back towards the center until the gap is closed. This technique allows the divot to be fixed, without affecting the root structure of the grass. The prongs fold back into the casing for safety when not in use, and it can easily be put in a pocket or on a key ring. Unique golf gifts are really appreciated by any golf player, and what makes a divot tool unique is that it can be personalized with a message, a funny one liner or an icon or smiley. It can even have a brand or logo on it. Any golfer would be happy to receive such a useful golfing gift.

If you are looking for an effective marketing strategy for your business, then you’ve come to the right place! Personalized golf gifts branding gets your brand logo in front of the eyes of many people who may become new clients and customers. Our golf divot tools and ball markers are quality items, and are some of the most prized on the market. You can have your brand logo, colors or tagline displayed, creating a promotional gift that wows! Each of our golf tools comes neatly presented and ready to hand out. Call us today for more about personalized golf gifts branding.