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A good way to building brand loyalty or to attract new clients or customers to your business is to give a unique business gift that appeals to a person’s hobby or interest. There are a variety of business gifts that are available, and these usually consist of items such as branded cups, stationary or novelty gifts. If you want unique business gifts that gets your business noticed, then a sporting gift is something that offers something different. Golf is a sport that is often enjoyed by business executives, and it is said that many business deals are debated on the golf course. However, golf also appeals to a range of people, so giving a unique business gift that is to do with golf gets a wide audience.

Of the kinds of golf accessories that are available, the divot tool is a golfing gadget that is a great gift idea. It is used to fix the damage to the grass that is caused by golfers, either by scraping the turf with clubs or by the golf balls landing on the grass of the putting greens. It has two prongs that are used to carefully push the edges of the mark back together from the outside towards the center, and this technique allows the mark to be fixed without causing damage to the structure of the grass roots. The divot tool is a good gift as it can easily be carried in a pocket or on a key ring. The casing of the divot tool is where a brand or logo can be displayed, to promote your business. Unique business gifts such as golf divot tools will be appreciated by any golfer or golfing fan. The brand or logo on it will be seen on the golf course, attract new clients or customers to your business and also remind existing ones about the products or services on offer.


Aquabrush is a revolutionary club brush that combines a scrub and a spray in one. It is essential to keep your golf club heads clean when out on the course. If there is dirt or debris on your club, it can reduce your accuracy. Aquabrush has an inner reservoir that can be filled with water and then pumped out as a fine spray when you need that extra boost of cleaning power. The brush heads are durable, but they may also be simply replaced when they wear out. Aquabrush comes in four stunning colours and makes an excellent golf gift for any enthusiastic golfer. Get your Aquabrush today!


PickCup is a ball recovery system that makes it easier to maintain the holes on the putting green. It is a cup-shaped platform that attaches to the base of the flagstick and collects golf balls once they have been holed. To collect their ball, a player simply raises the flagstick and tips it out. PickCup's soft, rubberized edge ensures that the hole's edges remain intact, unlike when golfers reach in or use their putters to get the ball out. PickCup can also be used in competitions because it follows the Rules of Golf. Get PickCup for your course right now!

PickCup Promo

Do you want your company's logo or promotional message to be seen by golfers? Try PickCup Promo! PickCup is a successful ball retrieval device that fits inside the hole and attaches to the flagstick's base. It is designed to collect a golf ball once holed and make it easier to retrieve. A player lifts the flagstick and tips out their ball. The tray of PickCup is the perfect place for a promo message as it will be seen! PickCup can be be left in place throughout official competitions, giving businesses the opportunity to sponsor a hole, or a competition. For more on PickCup Promo, get in touch!