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Premium golf equipment is something any golfer would be happy to own, especially if it helps to improve the game in some way. But with so much premium golf equipment in stores, it can be tricky to choose. There is one golf item that should be a part of every golfer’s kit, and that id a divot tool.

A golf divot tool is used to repair the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens. Golfers can cause damage when they brush the grass with their clubs or when golf balls land heavily and dent the surface. This can make putting frustrating, as if a golf ball rolls on a divot it will not follow a straight line. Golfers have a divot tool so they can repair the marks they see, so their ball will roll smoothly. It also helps keep the green good for other golfers.

Divot tools have two prongs, and to repair a divot they are inserted into the grass at the outside edge of a mark. The grass is then carefully levered up to level it. The problem is, that if the right technique is not used the roots of the grass can become damaged and need more repairs. Thankfully, a solution has been found to this problem, and it is the new divot tools by Pitchfix.

Pitchfix have designed divot tools with three pins, and to it is making divot repair something anyone can do. All that is needed is to put the pins in and out of a divot a few times, and this lifts the grass without affecting the roots.

Premium golf equipment is a good gift idea, and the divot tools by Pitchfix can be customized with a message, or have a broad or logo displayed. If you are looking for premium golf tools, then see the award-winning golf tools by Pitchfix!