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Any golfer, from expert to novice, enjoys luxury golf gifts! Golf is often a spot that people do for fun and relaxation, so a gift that they can use while playing is a good idea. There are lots of luxury golf gifts in stores, and choosing the right gift can be a challenge. There is one golf item that any golfer would be pleased to have, and that is a divot tool.

One thing that many golf players and professional greenkeepers know, is the back and muscle aches that come with bending down to repair divots in the grass. Divot repair might not be a popular job, but it needs to be done to keep putting greens in good playing condition. That is why we designed the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool, a lightweight tool with a long handle. Divots and brown spots in the grass can be repaired while standing, reducing strain on the back. It comes with interchangeable heads that make light work of divot repair in any soil. Try a Greenkeeper Pro today and see the difference!

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When looking for promotional items, it is easy to become confused as to what to choose. On one hand, the items need to be top quality as they are representing your business. But, they can’t be too expensive either. Finding the right balance can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! We offer golf gadgets branding on our range of golf tools and accessories, so you get a quality promotional gift that is cost effective. Hand them out at networking events or golf days, or simply to say thanks to your existing clients. Call us now to get started!

Divot tools are used to fix the damaged grass on the putting greens, caused by golfers when they swing their clubs and contact the ground, or when golf balls land heavily and leave a dent in it. A putting green should have a smooth surface so that a ball will roll in the direction it is aimed. Having divots in the surface can make putting very frustrating, as when a ball rolls over one it goes in a different direction. Before putting, golfers look at the surface of the green and repair the divots they see to allow their ball a smooth path to the flag

Divot tools by Pitchfix come in different designs, such as two pin, three pin nd single pin options. There is a technique required to use a two pin divot tool, but with a three pin, anyone can repair a divot. Instead on leaning how to prise the grass to level it, the three pin tools just need the pins poking in and out a few times and the grass in levelled without causing any damage to the roots.

Pitchfix divot tools are great to give as luxury golf gifts, as they can be personalized with a message, or have a logo displayed. There are also lots of color choices. Any golfer would be happy to own a divot tool by Pitchfix, so see the options today!

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Looking for a great promotional gift idea? Personalized golf gifts branding is where your business, charity or team logo can be added to our range of golf accessories, such as divot tools and ball markers. When you choose a promotional gift, you want something that’s good quality because it is representing your business. Our golf tools are some of the best you’ll find, and with your logo on them it is a gift that will get people talking. Spreading the message of your brand is important, and brings new custom. For more on how personalized golf gifts branding will work for you, call our team!

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