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To give a good impression, a company can’t go wrong with luxury business gifts. It can often be tricky to choose what sort of gift to give, and the decision is usually based on the balance between the quality of the gift and how much it costs. There is one gift idea that gets the balance right, and that is a golf divot tool. In the business world, many people play golf. The golf course has often been described as an ‘outside office’ among executives. Golf divot tools are great to give as luxury business gifts, because it is a useful piece of golfing equipment that will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the sport. A golf divot tool is used to repair any damage to the grass on the course. Golfers often scrape the turf with their clubs or dents are made on the putting green when golf balls land on it. It has two prongs that are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of the mark.

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The sides are then carefully pushed back together, closing the gap, and this is the recommended technique so that there is no further damage to the root structure of the grass. All golfers are encouraged to have a golf divot tool with the, so they can repair the marks they see as they play, helping to keep the course in good condition. Golf divot tools are ideal luxury business gifts. They can be personalized with a brand or logo, making it a good way to promote a business. They are also inexpensive compared to most golfing equipment. Giving the right luxury business gifts gives a good impression of a company, attracts new business and promotes awareness of products and services a company has to offer. A golf divot tool is something that will be noticed on the golf course and something that any golfer would be happy to receive.

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Removal of dirt and debris from your golf club heads is important if you want to hit consistent shots, but it is something often ignored. Now, you can keep your clubs clean while out on the course by using Aquabrush. The interior reservoir is filled with water, resulting in a compact club brush and spray in one. Aquabrush is a tough club brush that will stand the test of time when it comes to removing those difficult, stuck-on clumps of grass and mud. This golf gizmo, which comes in four different colours, will look great attached to any golf bag. Why not try Aquabrush right now?


PickCup is an inventive ball retrieval method that eliminates the need for golfers to reach in with their hands or putters to collect their ball. It fixes to the bas of the flagstick and collects a ball once holed. Players recover their ball simply by lifting the flagstick. This means that less damage is done to the hole's sidewalls. It also means that ground staff will have fewer repairs. PickCup also has the advantage of speeding up play on the golf course! PickCup is legal to use in competitions because it complies with the Rules of Golf. Why not give PickCup a shot right now?

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo allows you to get your brand in front of golfers on the course. PickCup is a retrieval device that gathers golf balls after they have been holed. It is attached to the flagstick's base and fits within the hole. A player just lifts the flagstick to collect their ball from the PickCup tray to retrieve it. A promotional logo or message can be displayed on the PickCup platform, for all to see. PickCup Promo is an excellent opportunity for your business to sponsor a hole, or even the entire golf tournament! Why not contact us to learn more?