How to use Repair Ball-marks

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All golfers should know how to repair ball marks, as it helps keep the course in good condition. Ball marked are made when golf balls land on the putting green, and having dents in the grass can make putting frustrating. Golfers are encouraged to have a divot tool with them as they play, so they can repair ball marks. Divot tools have two prongs, and these are inserted into the grass. The grass is then lifted to level it. The right technique should be used, or it could cause more damage and repair work, and the problem is that not all golfers use the right technique.

Pitchfix have solved the problem of how to repair ball marks. A new divot tool, the Twister, has three pins, and to repair a ball mark, all that is needed is to poke the pins in and out a few times. This action works to level a dent without affecting the grass roots. With a twist, the pins retract back into the casing for safety. With a Twister tool, divots can now be expertly repaired with no need to learn a technique.

Divot tools are a good gift idea, and any golfer would be pleased to have a Twister. They are not expensive as most other golf equipment, and they are a gift that will be appreciated as it is something that can be used on the golf course. It can be personalised with a message, or a brand or logo. A divot tool with a logo on is good to promote a brand image, and attract new clients and customers. There are a range of golf repair tools that keep the grass in good condition, but Twister tools are leading the way. If someone asks your advice on how to repair ball marks, tell them about the Twister!