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The putting green on a golf course requires good maintenance, and that is why a green repair tool is a key part of any golfer’s or greenkeeper’s equipment. To keep the course in good playing condition, it needs to be free from divots. Divots are the scrapes made in the turf, or the dents made in the grass on the putting green, and this damage is usually caused by golfers catching the turf with their clubs. Divots are more noticeable on the putting green, as the grass needs to be kept maintained and short. A green repair tool is used to repair divots. It has two fork-like prongs that are used to gently press outside edges of the mark back together, closing the gap.

The grass on putting greens is prone to damage, and it is the job of a greenkeeper to repair the brown spots and divots that appear. Usually, that means lots of bending over, and that can be tough of the muscles and joints of the back. There is now a solution, and that is the Greenkeeper Pro divot too. It has a long handle which allows divots to be fixed while you stand. Even better, it comes with interchangeable heads so that divots can be properly repaired in lots of soil types and conditions. This expert repair tool is good for greenkeepers and players, so try one out today!

If you are a business owner who likes our divot tools and other golf gadgets, you might be wondering if they would work as promotional items. The good news is that you can have a business logo or brand colors displayed on our golf tools. Golf gadget branding is a marketing that works! We are known for our great quality, durable golf tools, so if you have them branded with your logo, your business or charity will show a good image. It’s not just businesses that benefit, you can also give them to members of a team on event days out. Call us now to talk more about golf gadget branding.

This technique ensures that there is no damage caused to the grass roots, and it can then grow as normal. The prongs fold back into the casing for safety, so it is easy to carry a green repair tool in a pocket or on a key ring, and there is room to personalize it with some text, funny one-liner or even a logo or brand. This makes it a great gift idea. With the option of personalizing a green repair tool, it provides a way of promotion for businesses looking to build their brand awareness. A logo displayed on a green repair tool will be seen by many potential customer and clients. They are also ideal for giving as gifts at events, such as golf days. A green repair tool makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys golf, and it has the bonus of helping to keep the grass on the golf course in good condition. Any golfer would be happy to receive a green repair tool as a gift, and it also keeps the greenkeepers happy too.

Getting the right promotional gifts for your business is important if you want to give a good impression. We provide business branding on our quality golf tools, so you can have your logo or brand colors displayed. Our golf tools are some of the best you’ll find, and are well-known for their superior design. When branded with your logo, you have promotional items that are sure to get noticed. They also come nicely presented in gift boxes, ready to be handed out at events or team days out. Business gifts branding is marketing that works, so call us now to discuss your branding options.

Aquabrush is a clever golf gadget that is used to clean golf club heads so players perform at their best. The inner reservoir holds water, which can be sprayed onto a golf club. The dirt and ingrained grime and residues can then be scrubbed off with the integrated brush. Aquabrush is a quick and easy way to clean your clubs while playing your round, and can be attached to your golf bag for convenient reach. When the brush heads eventually wear out, they can be swapped for new ones. Aquabrush makes a great gift too, so pick one up today!

If you are a greenkeeper, you know the frustration of ongoing repair work. PickCup can reduce the amount of time needed to keep greens in good condition. It attaches to the base of the flagstick, where the cup catches a golf ball once it has been holed. To retrieve the ball, the pole is simply lifted up and the ball tipped out. The rubberized edge of PickCup protects the edges of the hole, and also protects the grass on the green if the pole is laid down. PickCup complies with the Rules of Golf that state flags can be left in place while putting, so they can be used during competitions. PickCup is the must have gadget for the putting green, so try it today!

PickCup Promo allows you to get promotional messages seen by players on the course. PickCup fixes to the base of the flagstick and collects a ball once it has been holed. To retrieve their ball, player simply raises the flagstick and tip it out. The surface of the PickCup is the ideal place to promote a business, clubs services or information, as every player that puts to the hole will see it. Not only that, but PickCup also help prevent the hole edges from becoming damaged, and also protects the green is the flag is dropped or laid down. For effective advertising, get PickCup Promo now!