Golf Tools for Women

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Golf tools for women are something that female golfers look for in stores or online, but most golf tools are suitable for women and men. What makes a goof golf tool is the design, ease of use and quality, and divot tools by Pitchfix have all three!

Golf tools for women or men are a part of any golfer’s kit, and divot tools are important for repairing the grass on the putting greens. Damage can occur to the grass if a golfer brushes it with a club, or when a golf ball lands heavily and makes a dent in it. It can make putting frustrating, as if a ball rolls on a divot, it will not go where it was aimed. Golfers use divot tools to repair the dents, so a golf ball will follow a true line to the flag.

Divot tools usually have two prongs, and they are inserted into a mark around the outside edges. Then the grass is gently levered back into position to level a dent. The problem with this is that if not dome correctly, it can cause more damage to the grass roots. Pitchfix have a new design of divot tool, and it has changes how divots are repaired. They have three pins, and to repair a divot, they are poked in and out of a mark a few times, and this is all that is needed to lift the grass without affecting the roots. This nifty design has won the Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award, and now Pitchfix divot tools are the hottest golf tools around!

Golf tools for women and men are great gift ideas for golfers, and divot tools by Pitchfix can be customized with a message, brand or log, and they come in a choice of color options. Any golfer would be pleased to own a divot tool by Pitchfix!