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Golfers need a range of golf supplies, either to make sure they have everything they need to play, or things to help them improve their game. The grass on the golf course needs to be kept in a healthy condition, and there are tools that are designed for the job. Golf supplies can be a range of prices, and they are good gift ideas for golfers.

A divot tool is something that all golfers should use on the golf course. It is used to repair the damage to the grass. Golfers sometimes swing their clubs too close to the turf and scuff it, or golf balls that land on the putting greens can leave dents in the grass. This can be frustrating for golfers, so they often repair the divots they see.

Divot tools have two prongs, and to repair a divot, the prongs are inserted into the grass at the outside edges. The sides are carefully pushed back together to close a gap, or lifted to level a dent. The only problem is that if the right technique is not used, is could damage the grass roots. There is a solution to this, and it is a new divot tool called the Twister. A Twister has three pins, and there is no technique needed to use one. The pins are poked in and out of the mark a few times and this levels it without affecting the roots.

A Twister tool is not expensive, unlike most other golf supplies, that’s why it is a good gift idea. It comes in a range of colors and there is also the option to have a message or brand. Any golfer would enjoy receiving a Twister tool as a gift, because it is something that is useful. If you want golf supplies, try a Twister.