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Golf pitch repair tools are useful to keep the turf on the golf course in good condition. They are also called divot tools. Damage to the grass is something that need regularly repairing, and it is caused when golfers brush the grass with their clubs or when golf balls land on the putting greens. When golfers have golf pitch repair tools with them, either in their pockets or on a key ring, they can repair any divots they see as they play, helping to keep the course in a healthy condition.

The Greenkeeper Pro is a divot tool designed with the professional in mind. Course officials and grounds people, such as greenkeepers, may often have to bend down to fox divots, and this can be hard on the joints and muscles in the back. The Greenkeeper Pro tool has a long, lightweight handle that allows you to fix divots while standing. Back ache from divot repair is a problem now solved! Not only that, the interchangeable heads mean that divots can be fixed in any soil conditions. It’s time to make divot and brown spot repair easy. Try the Greenkeeper Pro tool!

Are you looking for great promotional items to build your brand or charity? Or maybe you are looking for tokens to give out at team building days or competitions. Our range of golf gadgets provide the perfect solution, and they can also be branded with your colors and logo. Golf gadgets like divot tools and ball markers are always useful on the course, so are gifts that will be appreciated. We are known for making some of the best golf tools around, and now you can share in the prestige by displaying your logo. For gifts that create a good brand image, choose golf gadget branding by Pitchfix.

Traditionally, divot tool have two prongs, and the technique is to insert them into the grass around the outside edges of a divot. Working around the edges, the sides are carefully stretched towards the centre to close a gap, or moved to level a mark. If done right, this repairs the mark without affecting the grass roots. However, not everyone uses the right technique, and this causes more repair work. There is a solution to this problem. The Twister tool is a divot tool that has three pins. When the pins are inserted into the grass a few times, the action works to lift the grass without it causing any damage to the grass roots.

The Twister is one of the golf repair tools that anyone who enjoys golf would be delighted to receive as a gift. The pins retract into the casing with a twist, and it can be personalised with a message, brand or logo. Golf repair tools are good to give as business gifts, and because they are useful, it gets a business noticed for the right reasons. If you want to give a good, inexpensive golf gift, the Twister divot tool is something that any golfer would enjoy using to help keep the grass healthy.