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Golf is an appealing sport to many. There are a variety of golfing gifts and gadgets available online or in stores, so if you want golf gifts for men there is often a lot to choose from. Golf gifts for men can range from the expensive golf gadgets to the cheaper novelty items or golf themed gifts, such as stationary or drinking mugs. While some of these gifts might be fun, there is one gift idea that any golf player would enjoy, and that is a golf divot tool. It is used to repair the damaged to the course that is caused by golfers contacting the turf with their golf clubs, or when golf balls land on the green.

If you are a professional greenkeeper or a course marshal, you know only too well the havoc that bending down to fix divots can cause to your back. Thankfully, there is now a solution! The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool features a long, lightweight handle. This means that no more bending down is required to fix divots! It is also light to carry with you on the golf course. If different soil conditions, divot repair may need to be tailored. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has interchangeable heads, so can make expert repairs in wet or dry soils. This divot tool also looks great installed at the green edge for players to use, and they will thank you for it too!

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A business that has a good promotional gift gets noticed for the right reasons. It is a great marketing tactic to show thanks to your existing clients, as well as getting your business seen. The promotional gift you choose should reflect your business. That is why you should go for something that is well-made and something that people will enjoy owning. We provide golf gadgets branding on our golf tools, so you can have your logo or colors shown on them. We also provide smart gift packaging, so you get neatly presented gist that are ready to hand out. Call now to see how we can help with your branding!

All golfers have felt the frustration of lining up a putt, taking the shot and the watching the ball meet a divot in the grass and go off line. A divot tool is something that all golfers are encouraged to carry with them as they play, so they can fix any marks in the grass that they see. A golf divot tool consists of two prongs that are inserted into the turf around the outside edges of the mark. The edges are gently pushed towards the middle to close the gap and this technique helps to repair the mark while leaving a healthy root structure to the grass. Most men like a practical tool or gadget, so divot tools make great golf gifts for men. It is lightweight and easy to put in a pocket or on a key ring, it is inexpensive compared to other golf gifts and it can be personalized with a message, smiley or even a brand or logo. A golf divot tool is a useful gift that any golf player would appreciate using every time when out on the course.

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Have you ever considered just what make a great promotional item? The answer is simple. It has to be good quality, well-made, and be something that people will actually enjoy using. A promotional gift represents your business, so it is important to choose a quality item. That is where we can help. We offer personalized golf gifts branding on our golf tool, so you can have your business colors or logo displayed. Each tool comes neatly presented in individual gift boxes, so all you have to do is hand them out! To find out how we can help you with a personalized golf gift, call out team today!

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