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A golf ball marker hat clip is a good golf accessory gift idea, as it is something that all golfers find useful on the putting green. It is used to mark the position of a golf ball, allowing it to be removed and then put back on the same spot. A golf ball marker hat clip can be clipped to the brim of a hat, so it can be reached conveniently.

Golf balls need to be moved when in the way of another player’s ball. This allows a golfer to take a putt and avoid another ball. To keep things fair, the ball must be put back in the exact spot. Golf ball markers are about the size of a coin, and to mark a position it is placed behind a golf ball.

A golf ball marker hat clip is a good gift idea because it is something that any golfer would use on the course. They can be personalized with a message, amusing quote, or have a team brand or logo displayed. Giving a branded golf ball marker hat clip to clients and customers at networking events, such as golf days, is a god way to promote a business’s products or services, and attract new custom.

Another reason to choose a golf ball marker hat clip as a gift idea, is that they are not expensive. Often, cheap golfing accessories are novelty items that do not have any use while playing golf. The gifts that give a good impression are the ones that are useful, and any golfer would be happy to have a golf ball marker hat clip, especially one that is personalized.

Golf ball marker hat clips by Pitchfix are quality tools, made form a lightweight stainless steel, and in a choice of ten colors with a removable ball marker. If you are looking for that perfect gift, see the options at Pitchfix!

Hybrid 2.0

Any golfer would like to get their hands on the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool! Made of two sheets of aluminium, it is lightweight and simple to carry in your pocket or golf bag. Additionally, the handles are ABS rubberized so it won't slip when in use. Fed up of using a blunt pencil to mark your scorecard? the Hybrid 2.0 has an integrated pencil sharpener that solves the problem! There's also a detachable ball marker, for when you need to remove your golf ball from the green. With 17 different colour choices, you're sure to find your favourite style. The ball marker can be customised with a logo, making it a fantastic giveaway item for any business! Get hold of the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool today!

Fusion 2.5

If you like to experiment with the newest golf equipment, the Fusion 2.5 is the tool for you! Repairing divots on the putting green is now much easier thanks to this brilliant device made with RepairTecTM pins. Users can quickly level divots, thanks to the pin design, without impacting the soil's structure or the roots of the grass. This strengthens repairs and lessens brown spots. The Fusion 2.5 golf divot tool comes with a ball marker that can be completely customised, making it the perfect client or customer gift. Furthermore, there is a built-in pencil sharpener and a selection of unique colour options. Get the Fusion 2.5 divot tool today!

Multimarker Chip

Are you looking for a golf gift that any player will adore? The Multimarker Chip is the best there is! This amazing device is a poker-style chip that serves as a putting alignment aid in addition to functioning as a ball marker. The Multimarker Chip's numbers can be used as a tee toss to help decide the order of play when playing golf with friends. This gadget is not only for golfers, but for businesses too! When you add your logo, it can also be used as a promotional item to build awareness of your brand. Get your Multimarker Chip today!