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Golf accessories for new players are prevalent in all good golf stores, and there is one golf tool that all golfers should have, no matter what their level of ability, and that is a golf divot tool. A golf divot tool is a handy gadget that is used to keep the grass in good condition, and this is most important for the grass on the putting greens.

Divots are the dents and marks made to the grass, caused when golfers scuff the turf with their clubs or when golf balls land heavily on the greens. This creates an uneven surface, which can make putting frustrating. Golfers often check the surface of the putting green before taking their shot, to make sure their ball will follow the right line and not deviate because of a divot. If any divots are seen, a golfer will repair them with the tool. All golfers should have a divot tool as part of their kit, so that is why they are good golf accessories for new players and more experienced.

The traditional divot tool is a two pin design, and the pins are pushed into the grass at the outside edge of a mark. The grass is then carefully raised back upwards to level a dent, or the sides are stretched to close a gap. When done correctly, this works well, but the problem is that not all golfers know how to use the right technique, and this can lead to more repair work.

This has always been an issue for greenkeepers, but now Pitchfix have a solution. Pitchfix’s award-winning divot tools have three pins, and to repair a mark, they are simply pushed in and out of a dent a few times. This lifts the grass without affecting the roots, and anyone can do it.

Divot tools are great golf accessories for new players, and Pitchfix tools come in a choice of colors. They can also be personalized with a message, brand or logo. If you like to give a great golf gadget to a golfer, or want to use one yourself, choose Pitchfx!