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Divot tools are useful to have on the golf course, so that players can repair the mark in the grass and help to keep it in a healthy condition. All golfers should have one with them. They are lightweight and fit in a pocket or on a key ring. The huge amount of different designs available ensures that a divot tool display looks good in any room.

The Twister divot tool is a new style that would enhance any divot tool display. Traditional divot tools have two pins, and the correct method is to insert the pins into the outside edges of the divot. Then the sides are carefully pushed back together, or stretched, to close a gap or level a mark. The Twister has three pins. It is changing how divots are repaired on the golf course, so that all golfers can repair them like a pro. A technique is require to use a traditional divot tool, and if not done right, can cause damage and more repairs. When using the Twister, the pins are inserted into the mark a few times, and the action lifts the grass, levelling the mark without affecting the roots.

For a tool that brings benefits to any golf course, the Greenkeeper Pro is an excellent choice. It features a long handle that means bending down to repair divots is a thing of the past. For professional greenkeeper and course marshals, not only does this save on back pain, but is also makes divot repair faster and more effective. The steel heads are easily changed to find the perfect pins for wet and dry ground. As well as being great for golfing staff, the Greenkeeper Pro can also be installed at the edges of the putting greens for players to use. For a smart-looking tool that excels at its job, choose the Greenkeeper Pro.

The pins retract into the casing for safety, and it comes in a selection of colours. It can be personalised with a message of your choice, or a brand or logo. This makes it a good gift idea for golfers, or for businesses to give to potential clients and customers. Divot tool displays are a stylish way to show a collection, and enhances any room to do with sport, such as a club or sports hall. Traditional tools look good in a divot tool display, but a Twister divot tool enhances any collection, and makes stand out as being a collection worth looking at.

If you want to build awareness of your brand, then you may have considered using promotional gifts. When choosing gifts to give to potential clients, it is important to choose something that shows your business in a good light. Promotional gifts represent your business, so you want something that is well made and that people will be happy to receive. Our divot tools and ball markers are well known for their quality, and having your brand logo will provide you with a promotional gift to be proud of. Forget boring gift ideas, for golf accessory branding with a difference, choose Pitchfix!

If you have already decided to go for our golf accessories as promotional gift from your business, you are already on to a winner. But did you know that you can create an even better first impression by having gift packaging branding too? Neatly designed gift boxes and presentation tins show off our products at their best, and with your logo added it provides a seamless gift experience from start to finish. With our modern gift packaging and branded golf accessories, you are sure to give a gift that will be shared by others, raising awareness of your business. Call now to discuss your gift packaging branding further.

If you are looking for a golf gift that’s a little different, the Aquabrush is the perfect solution! This handy gadget means you can keep your golf club heads clean and free of debris, so you can put your all into each shot. Simply fill the internal reservoir and you have an integrated spray and brush ready when you need it. The brush heads are interchangeable too, so are easy to replace when worn out. With four vibrant colors to choose from, the Aquabrush is a useful tool that looks great too! Whether it’s for a gift or to use yourself, you won’t find better than Aquabrush!

PickCup is a neat solution to the problem of crumbling hole edges on the putting green. When players reach in to retrieve their ball after putting, it can cause damage and untidiness. PickCup attaches to the base of the flagstick and provides a cup for a ball to sit in once holed. Now flags are commonly left in place while putting, to retrieve the ball, a player only has to lift out the flag. The rubberized edge minimizes damage to the hole, and also to the green if the flag is laid down. This must-have golf course accessory is compliant with the Rules of Golf, so can be used in competitions. Keep your putting greens in ship-shape condition with PickCup!

PickCup Promo allows you to display promotional messages to players on your golf course. This clever gadget is attached to the base of the flagstick, and collects golf balls once holed. To retrieve their ball, a player simply lifts the flagstick. The area where the ball is collected is the ideal place to advertise your club, pro club services, or course etiquette. It can also be used to advertise local businesses through hole sponsorship. Get your message seen by your target audience and bring in more custom to your club or business. PickCup Promo is advertising that works, so why not try it today?