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Creative business gifts are a good promotional idea as giving something unique will make your business stand out. The gift you give is something that represents your business, so you don’t want to give anything dull or unimaginative. The best gifts are things that people have a practical use for, something that will be appreciated. One example is a divot tool for playing golf.

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A golf divot tool is a useful gadget that golfers should have with them as they play. They are used to repair the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens that occurs when golfers scrape the turf with their clubs or when golf balls land heavily and leave a dent in it. A dented putting green makes putting impossible, as a ball will not go where it is aimed if it goes over a divot. That is why golfers will survey the green and repair any marks they see before taking their shot.

A divot tool has metal prongs that are inserted into the turf, and there is a technique needed to use one properly. The prongs are used to carefully lever the grass to level it, but if not done correctly it can cause more damage. A solution has been found, thanks to Pitchfix! Their three pin divot tools have changed how divot repair works, and anyone can repair a divot like a pro! All that is needed is to poke the pins in and out of a dent a few times, and this lifts the grass without affecting the roots.

Any golfer would be happy to own a divot tool by Pitchfix, and that makes them some of the most sought after and creative business gifts! You can have your business logo displayed, so that every time someone uses it they are reminded of your business. For creative business gifts, see Pitchfix!

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Dirt and dust can cling to your golf club heads, reducing accuracy when you take a shot. That is why it is vital to clean your clubs before approaching the ball. Aquabrush is a golf accessory that makes cleaning clubs simple. It comes with a strong scrubbing brush which can be used with a water spray to remove stubborn grime. Simply fill the inside reservoir with water, clip it to your golf bag, and you're good to go! Aquabrush is an excellent golf gift and comes in four colors. If you are a business owner searching for creative ways to advertise your brand, it can also have a log added. Get your Aquabrush now!


PickCup is a ball recovery tool that makes it a lot easier to keep the putting green in great shape. This ingenious cup attaches to the base of the flagstick and gathers golf balls after they have been holed. A player lifts the flagstick to tip their ball out, rather than reaching for it with a hand or putter. This means there is less damage caused to the hole's edges or the surrounding grass. It also helps players to avoid back strain! PickCup is compliant with the Rules of Golf, therefore it can be used during competitions. Try Pickcup today!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo is a one-of-a-kind way for brands to have their brand promotional messages noticed on the golf course. PickCup is linked to the base of the flagstick and sits inside the hole on the putting green. It is a cup-shaped tray that allows players to collect their ball without bending down and reaching inside the hole. The ball is lifted out when the flagstick is raised. The PickCup tray is the ideal area to display a business logo or message, as it will be viewed by every player that holes a ball. PickCup Promo will help you get your brand noticed, so get in touch now!