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Cool golf accessories are often expensive, but if you are looking for cool golf accessories that won’t cost a fortune, then the golf divot tool is a must have piece of golfing equipment all golfers would be happy to receive. Divot tools are cool, but useful too. They are used to fix any damage made to the turf on the golf course, mostly caused when golfers scrape the grass with their clubs or when golf balls land on the putting green. These marks, or divots, need to be repaired, so that the course if kept in good condition. A golf divot tool has two prongs that are used to repair the marks. The prongs are inserted around the outside edges of the divot, then the sides are carefully pushed back towards the centre to close the gap.

The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool is the most helpful in saving greenkeepers the aches that come with repeated divot repairs. Divots and brown spots on the putting green need constant attention, and bending down to fix and repair can play havoc on the back. That is why the Greenkeeper Pro was born. The long handle means that repairs can be done while standing, and it has easy to change heads for different soil conditions. If you have Greenkeeper Pro divot tools added to the edged of putting greens, players can also benefit. For expert repair without the backache, try the Greenkeeper Pro!

Promotional gifts are an effective marketing tactic that works, but getting the right sort of gift is important. The business gift should be something that reflects the quality of the services you provide, as people will associate the gift with your business. We offer golf gadgets branding across our range of golf tools, so you can have your business logo or colors displayed on them. You can also have the gift packaging branded too, creating a neat gift ready to hand out at networking days or simply just to say thanks to your clients. Golf gadget branding is a winner, so call us today to discuss your requirements.

This technique allows the divot to be fixed without affecting the structure of the grass roots. What makes divot tools cool golf accessories, is that there is room on the casing to have it personalized with a special message, funny joke, icon or smiley, so you can give a personal gift to a keen golfer. It could even be personalised with a logo or brand, so they are great gift ideas for business to give to potential clients. It is also an interesting way of promoting a business’s products or services, and something that will get noticed. All golfers are recommended to carry a golf divot tool with them, so they can repair any divots they see. They are easy to put in a pocket or on a key ring, and they are inexpensive compared with other cool golf accessories. Whenever you are trying to think of a cool gift for a golfer, you can’t go wrong with a personalized golf divot tool!

Personalized golf gifts branding is fun way for businesses to get its message in front of new clients, but to do so it is important to get the right gift. A good promo gift is something that is good quality, as it has your brand name on it. We offer personalized golf gifts branding on our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you can have your logo or colors displayed. Get your message out there by handing out your promotional gifts to clients, or gain new ones at networking events. Our golf tools are something any sports player would be happy to receive, so call today to discuss more about golf gifts branding.