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There have been lots of styles of golf divot tool available, but a new design by Pitchfix is the best golf divot tool, changing how divots are repaired on the golf course. Divots are marks left in the grass caused by golf clubs brushing the turf or when golf balls land on the putting greens. Most styles of golf divot tool have two prongs, and these are used to repair the divots. The technique to using these divot tools is to carefully insert the prongs at the edges of the divot. The grass is then pushed back towards the middle until the gap is closed. This technique is to make sure no damage is caused to the grass roots, saving the need for more repair work. One problem with this is that not every golfer repairs divots as they should.

There is a solution to this problem that enables everyone to repair divots like a professional green keeper. Pitchfix have designed the Twister divot tool, which has three pins that are set in a circular shape. For novices, it is the best golf divot tool to fix the damage. All that is needed if for the pins to be pushed in and out of the divot a few times and this action lifts the grass without affecting the roots, so it regrows healthily.

The Twister golf divot tool comes in some funky colours, and it can be personalised with a message, inspirational quote, or even a business brand or logo. This makes it a good gift for businesses to give to clients, and a way to promote products or services. Every golfer should have a divot tool with them on the golf course, and a Twister tool is the best golf divot tool on the market, so any golfer would be pleased to receive one.