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The best business gifts are the things that bring a positive association with your business, so it is important to get it right. You want gifts that are practical, and good quality, and also something that the recipient will be able to enjoy. One of the best business gifts is a golf divot tool.

The putting green needs to be kept in top condition, and for greenkeepers and players, that means divot repairs. Bending down to reach the grass can be a pain, so we designed the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It has a long length handle that allows divots to be fixed while you stand, so no more strain on the back, hips or knees. Any soil type can be expertly repaired thanks to the interchangeable heads, and the steel RepairTec pins are made to last. For professional greenkeepers and golfers, this tool makes divot repair faster and more efficient. Try one today!

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Promotional gifts are always a winning idea for spreading the word about your brand, but you have to choose the right gift to attract the clients you want. Golf gadget branding is where your brand logo is shown on our range of golf tools and ball markers, giving you a promotional gift that is sure to impress potential clients. We make top quality golf gadgets, and with your brand logo on them, you have a winning promo gift anyone would be happy to receive. Each is neatly presented in a gift box or tin. Ready to get started with golf gadgets branding? Call us today!

Lots of business people play golf, so a golf divot tool is something that not only looks cool, it has a practical use. Divot tools are used to repair the damaged grass on the golf course. The grass on the putting green should be smooth and level, otherwise a ball will not roll where it is aimed. Divots are made when golfers scrape the turf with their clubs, or when golf balls land heavily and leave a dent. A divot tool is used to fix these marks.

Some divot tools have two prongs that are pushed into the turf at the outside edge of a mark. The technique is to lever the grass upwards to make it level, however if the right technique is not used it can cause more damage. Three pin divot tools from Pitchfix have solved this problem! The pins are just pushed in and out of a dent a few times and this levels the grass without causing any damage to the roots. Pitchfix tools are something that all golfers would enjoy owning, so they are the best business gifts!

Pitchfix divot tools can be customized with a message, or they can have a logo displayed. They also come in a choice of color options and are made from durable materials. Any golfer would be delighted to receive a divot tool, and it will help promote your business image in a positive way. If you want to give the best business gifts, then Pitchfix have the answer!

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Need a promotional gift that gets your brand noticed? Personalized golf gift branding is where your brand logo is displayed on our quality golf tools and ball markers, and any golf fan would be excited to own one. Golf tools are often shared or borrowed while playing, so your brand will be seen by many. This will attract your ideal clients, and help grow your business! Each gift is neatly presented, so all you have to do is hand them out at networking events, or to your existing clients. Call our team today to find out more on personalized golf gifts branding!

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Aquabrush is a must-have golf accessory if you're getting tired of grime on your golf club heads. This ingenious golf item combines a club brush and a water spray. Simply fill the inner reservoir with water and you're ready to use it whenever you need to on the golf course. Cleaning the dirt off your golf club heads is often overlooked, but it can impair the precision of your shot. Cleaning on the move is essential, so we designed Aquabrush to be portable. Simply clip it to the side of your golf bag and it’s there to use any time. Aquabrush, which comes in four cool color shades, and it also makes an excellent golf gift idea. Get your Aquabrush now!


PickCup is a ball retrieving system that fits within the hole at the base of the flagstick and serves as a platform for catching a ball. A player simply lifts the flagstick and tips it out to recover their ball. The advantage for greenkeepers is that the edge of the hole stays tidy for longer, so there is less upkeep needed, while the advantage for players is that they do not have to strain their backs by bending down. PickCup is compliant with the Rules of Golf, and can be left in place during tournaments! Why not use PickCup for your golf course?

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo is an effective way to get your business in front of golfers. PickCup is a ball retrieving gadget that attaches to the flagstick's base. When a ball is holed, it falls into PickCup, a tray designed like a cup. A player retrieves their ball by lifting the flagstick and removing the ball from the tray. Here is where you can place your company logo, so that everyone who putts their ball will see it! This is the kind of publicity that gets noticed, and it is a good way to reach out to potential customers. Get in touch if you want to learn more about PickCup Promo!

Pitchfix DNA

When you hold a Pitchfix product in your hand you know that it was designed and made with care and attention to detail. It's in our DNA! With our line of tools and accessories, we aim to provide the best possible experience for anyone who loves golf. Our products are designed by professional golfers, so we know what it takes to make a great product. We use materials and manufacturing techniques that combine to make a product that not only looks good but also performs well. We want to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the wonderful game of golf, and our line of tools and accessories is one way that we can help do that. For all you golf tools needs, see the choice at Pitchfix!

Global presence, local service with Pitchfix

Pitchfix is an international company, ready to provide advice, products, and customer support at all times. Brand owners love the quality and style of our products and often provide amazing feedback from golfers who appreciate the calibre of our products and packaging. At Pitchfix, we strive to become the world’s leading name in golf accessories. Our commitment to excellent quality has been recognised by many industry awards over the years, and it’s our mission to continually innovate in product design and packaging. We will always go above and beyond to ensure you get what you need at competitive prices with fast delivery times. Get in touch to find out more!

What makes Pitchfix tools special

With its diverse range of unique golfing products and gift sets, Pitchfix have the perfect solutions tailored to your marketing needs. Our wide range of high-quality golf tools and accessories can be arranged in a multitude of combinations, from individual tools to stylish combination gift tins, allowing us to find the perfect solution for any budget or occasion. We can also offer multiple partner brands into one package, perfect for advertising on a range of products in one single pack. Contact us today and let us find the perfect promotional product for your company’s needs.