What is a Golf Divot Tool

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Have you ever wondered ‘what is a golf divot tool used for?’ A golf divot tool is a small but useful tool that keeps the grass on the course in good playing condition, and keeps the greens and fairways looking healthy. Divots are the marks left in the turf, causes by golfers when they swing their clubs and scrape it or when golf balls land on the putting greens.

The usual style of golf divot tool have two prongs, and they are used to pull and lift the grass back into position. The technique is to work from the outside edges until the gap is closed. However, the correct technique is not always easy to do, and this can create more repair work.

Pitchfix have worked out a solution to this problem with a new design of golf divot tool. It has made it much easier to repair divots with good results every time. The Twister divot tool has three pins that are set in a triangular shape, and this allows divots to be repaired just by inserting the pins into the mark a few times. No technique is needed, the action lifts the grass back into position without affecting the grass roots or soil structure.

Twister Golf divot tool

The Twister tool is a fabulous gift idea for any keen golfer. It comes in a range of colours, and it can also be personalised with a message, funny quip, icon or smiley. A business logo or brand can also be used, making the Twister tool good to give to clients or customers, helping to promote a company’s products or services. So the answer to ‘what is a golf divot tool?’ is that not only is it something useful that any golfer would enjoy receiving as a gift, but it can be a great promotional tool for businesses too.