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A personalized golf marker hat clip is a useful golf gadget that golfers need on the putting greens. They are used to mark the position of a ball, so it can be moved and then put back in the same place. This is often needed on the putting greens, as one golf ball might be in the way of another player’s shot, and if there are lots of golf balls on the green it could be confusing. Hitting another ball can incur a penalty, so golf markers are used to avoid this.

A personalized golf marker hat clip can be clipped to the brim of a hat for convenience, and has a removable ball marker that is about the size of a coin. The marker is put behind the golf ball to mark its position. Once it is that player’s turn, the golf ball is put back in front of the marker and the marker is put back on the hat clip.

The golf ball marker selection at Pitchfix are a good gift idea, as they are quality made from stainless steel and come is a choice of ten colors. The golf ball markers can be personalized with a message, funny quip, or have a team logo or brand displayed, so a good promotional gift for business networking events, such as golf days. Each personalized golf marker hat clip comes in a presentation box, and can be given as part of a set with other golf tools.

Inexpensive golf gifts can be tricky to find, especially good quality gifts. The gifts that are really appreciated are the ones that are useful, and that a golfer will enjoy. A personalized golf marker hat clip is an item that any golfer would be happy to receive, so see the options at Pitchfix!