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Golfers enjoy trying new golf equipment, and using it to improve their game. There are a variety of golf tools, training aids and golf gifts to choose, but one piece of new golf equipment that is having a positive effect on the game is the Fusion divot tool. Divot tools are used to repair the damaged grass on the golf course, caused by golfers swinging their clubs too close to the turf, or golf balls landing on the putting greens. This damage should be repaired, to keep the grass healthy and in good condition, so all golfers should have a divot tool so they can repair the marks as they play. Divot tools have two prongs, and they are inserted at the outside edges of a damaged piece of grass. The sides are then lifted to level a dent or to close a gap.

The right technique is needed so that no damage occurs to the roots, but the problem is that not everyone knows how to do it right. Pitchfix have found a solution to this. A new divot tool, the Fusion, has three pins, and to repair a divot they are inserted into the dent a few times and the action works to lift it without affecting the grass roots.

New golf equipment is a good gift for anyone who likes the sport, but gifts that are most enjoyed are ones that solve a problem or can be used to improve something. A Fusion divot tool is something that any golfer would be happy to use as they play. It comes in a selection of colors, and can be personalized with a message, motivational quote, brand or logo. If you like to use new golf equipment, or are looking for good gifts for golfers, try a Fusion divot tool.