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Junior golf tools are what young golfers are keen to try, and they is plenty to choose from. There is lots of golf equipment available that have different uses, but there is one tool that both junior and older golfers need, and that is a divot tool.

Divot tools are used to repair the damaged areas of grass, especially dents on the putting greens. These dents, or divots, are made when golfers contact the grass with their clubs, or when golf balls land heavily. It can make putting very frustrating, as no matter how skilled a player is, if a ball rolls over a divot it will not follow a true line. Golfers have divot tools with them so they can repair the divots they see. This not only makes their putt go smoothly, but it helps keep the green in good condition for others.

Traditional divot tools have a two prong design, and there is a technique to using one properly. The prongs are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of a dent, and then the grass is gently levered back to its original position, working around the edges. The problem with this is that if the right technique is not used, it can cause more damage.

Now, the problem has been solved, thanks to divot tools by Pitchfix! These award-winning adult and junior golf tools are some of the most prized golf equipment around. The Fusion and the Twister and divot tools that have three pins, and all that is needed to repair a divot is to push them in and out of a mark a few times. This lifts the grass without affecting the grass roots, so it can grow healthily.

Divot tools can be customised with a message, funny line, or a brand or logo, and they also come in a choice of colors. If you want adult or junior golf tools, try an award-winning divot tool by Pitchfix!