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When someone you love enjoys playing golf, you might be looking for golf Valentine’s Day gifts to show how much you care. Or, if you are a business owner, giving golf Valentine’s Day gifts is a great promotional idea to show how much you appreciate your customers.

One ongoing job on every golf course is divot repair, and for professional greenkeepers it can mean lots of bending down to reach the grass. Players may also need to make some repairs before putting. This can put strain on the muscles and joints, so we decided to solve this problem! The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has a long shaft, so divot repairs can be done while standing. Lightweight and easy to carry, it also has interchangeable heads that make effective repairs in any soil. Not only does the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool make repair work easier, it speeds it up too. See how the Greenkeeper Pro will work for you!

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When you have a good promotional gift, it helps to bring new customers to your business. When you choose golf gadgets branding, you get your business logo or colors displayed on our range of golf tools and ball markers. This makes a quality, branded promo gift that anyone would be delighted to own. Each gift comes neatly presented, so all you have to do is hand them out. Use at networking days to attract new customers, or give to existing clients to say thanks! Golf gadgets branding is a winning idea that can help grow your business. Call us now to find our more!

One great gift idea are golf accessories by Pitchfix. Divot tools and ball markers are just some examples of items that payers should have with them while on the golf course. Divot tools are used to repair the dents and scrapes in the grass on the putting greens, caused when golfers scrape the turf with their clubs or when golf balls land and leave a dent in it. If this damage is not properly repaired, then the surface of the putting green is not smooth enough for a ball to roll where it is aimed. Golfers usually look over the surface of the green and repair any dents that might affect their ball.

When more than one player is on the putting green, there might be some confusion as to who’s ball belongs to who, or one ball might be in the way of another player’s when taking their shot. Ball markers solve this problem, as they mark the ball’s position accurately, allowing it to be moved and the placed back on the same spot.

Pitchfix tools are good golf Valentine’s Day gifts because they can be personalized with a special message, or funny one-liner, or they can have a logo displayed. They also come in a choice of colors. Pitchfix tools are sought after in the golfing world, and any golfer would enjoy using them. The quality materials mean that Pitchfix tools are built to last, so you can give a gift that is sure to please. If you are looking for golf Valentine’s Day gifts, see the options at Pitchfix!

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Personalized golf gifts branding is a great way to promote your business. Any promotional gift must be good quality, as it represents your business. We are known for our cleverly designed golf tools, and with your logo on, it is a promo gift that everyone will talk about. Each of our golf gifts comes neatly displayed in a nifty presentation box, and is ready to hand out. Remind your existing clients about the product and services you provide, or hand them out at networking days to bring in more custom. Find out more on personalized golf gifts branding by calling today!

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The Aquabrush golf accessory is everything you need to keep your golf club head clean and clear of dirt that could impact your game. Mud and grass can become lodged in the grooves of a golf ball, affecting its spin and direction. Aquabrush cleans your golf club quickly and easily with a spray of water and a nylon brush head. The Aquabrush is the latest must-have golf gadget, small enough to carry in your bag or attach to the outside for easy access. It also makes a great golf gift, with four different colours to select from. Take a look at the collection right now!


PickCup is a handy device that attaches to the flagstick's base and sits inside the hole. The golf ball is easy to collect once a putt is made by simply lifting the flag. The advantages are that no damage is done to the margins of the holes, and players have less bending down to do, so it’s easier on the back! If the flag is set down, the rubberized edges mean less damage to the green. PickCup is compliant with the Rules of Golf, allowing it to remain in place during events. PickCup is the ideal choice for taking care of your putting green, so try now!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo turns every putt into a commercial opportunity. PickCup is a handy device that attaches to the base of the flagstick and catches the golf ball for easy retrieval. Rather than reaching inside a hole for their ball, a player lifts the flagstick and tips it out. Then they see a promotional message displayed on the PickCup's surface. PickCup Promo is a wonderful opportunity to promote club pro services, course etiquette, or local businesses sponsoring a hole. PickCup Promo is a great way to advertise and get your message out there to players, so get PickCup Promo today