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Golf groomsmen gifts are a great idea to give on your wedding day, and are a nice item that will remind them of your special day. If your best man and other men in your wedding party are keen golfers, then they would much prefer an interesting golf gift than other groomsmen gifts as it is actually something they will enjoy using as they play the sport. One idea for golf groomsmen gifts is a divot tool.

Keeping the putting green in good condition is an essential parts of a greenkeeper’s job. Divots and brown spots need to be repaired, but to do this it requires bending down to reach the grass. Bending down many times a day can be a pain, so that is why we designed the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It has a long handle so the grass can be reached without bending, and it is ergonomically designed and made from super light material. The interchangeable heads make repairs in any soil. Greenkeeper Pro can be installed at the green edge for players to use too!

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If you are looking for some great promotional gifts for your business, you’ve found the right place! You can have your business logo or colors added to our golf divot tools and ball markers, known as golf gadgets branding. If you want a good promotional gift, it needs to be good quality. Our golf accessories are known for their innovative design, and anyone would be happy to own one. Each gift comes neatly presented in individual boxes, so all you have to do is hand them out! Ready to grow your business with golf gadgets branding? Call our team now!

Divot tools are used to repair the grass on the putting green, helping to keep a smooth surface for a ball to roll on. If a green has dents and divots in it, a ball will not go where it is aimed, so golfers will fix any dents they see before taking their putt. Traditional divot tools have two pins, and to use one there is a technique. The pins are pushed into the turf at the outside edges of a divot, and then the grass is levered upwards until it is level. The problem with this is that if not dome correctly, it can cause damage to the grass roots. The three pin design of divot tool by Pitchfix has solved this problem, and has now made divot repair quick! All that is needed is to poke the pins in and out a few times, and the grass is lifted without affecting the roots.

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If you want to spread the word about your brand, a good promotional gift is something that gets noticed. Our award-winning golf tools are known for their quality and durability. When you choose personalized golf gifts branding, you can have your business logo, motto or tagline displayed on our golf divot tools and ball markers. Neatly presents, you can simply give them out at trade shows or networking events, or give them to existing customers to say thanks. If you are looking for new ways promote your business, personalized golf gifts branding is the answer! Call our team to find out more.

Divot tools by Pitchfix are prized among golfers, and anyone would be happy to have one as a gift. They make great golf groomsmen gifts because they can be personalized with a message to thank them for being part of your special day. They also come neatly presented in a gift box. Pitchfix tools are quality items that are built to last, so if you are looking for good golf groomsmen gifts, Pitchfix have it!

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When dirt or debris gets caught on your golf club head it can affect the line of your golf ball, making it less precise. That is why cleaning your golf club while on the course is essential. The Aquabrush is a handy golf tool that you can use to clean your clubs while playing a round. It can be filled with water and clipped to the outside of your golf bag for easy transportation on the course. Simply squeeze to produce a thin jet of water and brush with the included brush head to clean your club. Aquabrush is available in four vibrant colours and is a terrific golf gift. Get yourself an Aquabrush right now!


It is essential to keep putting greens in good shape, which is why greenkeepers and course managers invest time and money in keeping them tidy for players. When golfers reach in for their ball, holes on the putting green might be damaged, but PickCup can help. This ingenious golf accessory attaches to the base of the flagstick and creates a cupped platform that catches the ball once it's been holed. Lifting the flagstick, a player simply tips their ball out onto the green. This preserves the hole's precise cut while also saving players the backache of leaning down. PickCup will keep your putting greens in peak shape, so try today!

PickCup Promo

PickCup is a remarkable gadget that not only helps to keep the holes on the putting greens in good shape, but it also allows you to send promotional messages to golf club members. PickCup catches a golf ball inside the hole. A player lifts the flagstick to retrieve their ball, which appears inside the PickCup platform. This space can be personalised with an advertisement or promotional message, as well as course etiquette recommendations. Local businesses can sponsor a hole with PickCup Promo, allowing them to get their brand in front of their target customers while also increasing revenue for the golf club. PickCup Promo is a great method to get your word out there, so why not start now?

Hybrid 2.0

The Hybrid 2.0 divot tool is a must-have if you like the best golf gadgets. It has a handy, detachable ball marker and pencil sharpener, in addition to the aluminium switchblade function that makes it lightweight and enables instant use. The ball marker is a great option for businesses looking for marketing golf gift ideas to give to clients or customers because it can be modified with brand colours or logos. Choose your personal favourite from the 17 colour options available, or why not give one as a gift to a golfing companion? Get hold of the Hybrid 2.0 divot tool today!

Fusion 2.5

Do you enjoy experimenting with the newest golf technology? Rather than just fixing divots on the putting green, the Fusion 2.5 golf divot tool can do much more. The steel forks' RepairTecTM technology levels the putting green while easing compression on the grass roots. It also includes a magnetic ball marker and a pencil sharpener, and the rubberized handles offer a secure, all-weather grip. The Fusion 2.5 is a great promotional item for businesses because it can be personalised and comes in 14 different colour options. So, if you're in the market for a high-quality divot tool, be sure to check out the Fusion 2.5. You won't be disappointed!

Multimarker Chip

The Multimarker Chip is an awesome tool that is sure to please any player. This poker-style chip serves as a ball marker on one side and a putting alignment tool on the other. The Multimarker Chip has numbers displayed on the edges, and can be used as a tee toss when playing golf with a group of friends. Because it can be customised with a brand logo on the cap, it makes a super promotional gift for businesses, allowing your brand to be seen by your targeted market. You can purchase this device for yourself or a friend and thanks to the ten different colour options, you're sure find a design that you, like. Purchase a Multimarker Chip today!