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There are many great golf players who are women, and just as many women enjoy the sport as men do. There is a range of golf gifts for women available online or in stores, and there is often a lot to choose from. These gifts are often decorative or novelty items that are fun, or expensive golfing kit that is designed for women. Great golf gifts for women are the things that are both fun and useful when playing golf. One such gift is a golf divot tool. Any female player would be happy to receive a divot tool as a gift. It is used to repair the damage to the grass on the golf course, and every golfer is encouraged to carry one with them when they play.

Divot repair can be a pain in the back, especially for professional greenkeepers who may have to make many repairs in one day. Thankfully, there is a solution. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has a long handle, so divot repair can be done while standing. No more bending down means no more aches and pains! It is easy to carry thanks to the super lightweight material, and it comes with interchangeable heads that can be used in all types of soil. If you want to impress players, have the Greenkeeper Pro installed at the green edge for everyone to use. Try the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool today!

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Finding the right promotional gift can be tricky, but we have the answer! Our golf gadgets branding mean that your business logo can be displayed on or range of golf tools, giving you a quality promotional gift that creates a good image. Promotional gifts should be well thought out, and reflect the quality of your business. At Pitchfix, our range of golf tools are some of the best you will find on the market, and you can extend this prestige to your business. Each tool comes nicely displayed in a presentation box, so all you have to do is hand them out to your customers!

Damage to the grass is often caused when golfers scrape the turf by swinging their golf clubs or by golf balls landing on the putting green, and this damage needs to be fixed to keep the course in good playing condition. The divot tool has two metal prongs that are used to repair these marks. The correct technique is to insert the prongs around the outside edges of the divot and then carefully push the edges back together to close the gap. This helps to repair the mark without causing further damage to the grass roots. The prongs go back into the casing for safety when not in use, and there is plenty of room to personalize it with a special message, funny text or a brand or logo. Divot tools are great as golf gifts for women, as it is a practical gift that shows that thought has been put into choosing it. Any women golf players would be happy to receive a divot tool as a gift and would enjoy using it when out on the golf course.

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If you are looking for personalized golf gifts branding, you’ve come to the right place! A good promotional gift gets your business talked about, especially when the gift you provide is a sought after item. We are well known for our quality golf gadgets, and now you can have your business logo or colors displayed on them. Each gift comes smartly presented in neat gift boxes, making them easy to hand out at industry events, team days out and to give to your existing clients. Interested in seeing how personalized golf gifts branding will work for your business? Call us today!

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