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Golf Divot Fixer

A golf divot fixer is a handy tool to have on the golf course, and all golfers are encouraged to have one as part of their kit. They are used to repair the damaged grass on the course, mostly on the putting greens where it is important to have a smooth surface.

A golf divot fixer consists of metal prongs that are inserted into the grass. The prongs are levered up to push the grass back into position. Traditional two prong golf divot fixer tools need more skill to se than a three pin design, and that is why three pin divot tools by Pitchfix are the best around. Any golfer who likes clever golf kit would enjoy using a golf fixer tool by Pitchfix!
Dents in the putting greens are caused when golfers scrape the turf with a club, or when a golf ball lands heavily and leaves a dent in it. This damage must be fixed, or it can make putting frustrating. A golfer will spend time lining up a putt, only for their ball to go in a different direction once it rolls over a divot! Golfers often repair any divots they see before they putt, making a divot tool a must have item in any golf kit.

Pitchfix divot tools come in lots of color options, and they can be customized with a message. They can also have a brand or logo applied, making them great to give a business promotional gifts. There are some other golf accessories that can also be matched, such as ball makers and alignment tools. If you are looking for a promotional gift that gives a good impression to clients, looking for a golf gift to give to a keen player, or if you just like to try out all the newest golf tech yourself, you’ll find it at Pitchfix!