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Anyone who enjoys playing golf appreciates good golf course tips. One thing that helps improve a game is having a good course, one where the grass is healthy. Divots are the damaged areas of grass caused by golfers either brushing it with their clubs and making scuffs, or when golf balls land on the putting greens and leave a mark. If these marks are repaired, it keeps the course in good playing condition.

A divot tool is something that all golfers should have with them so they can repair any divots they see. Divot tools have two prongs that are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of a divot. The technique to use is to carefully push the edges back together to close a gap, or to lift the turf. Using the right technique ensures that no damage is caused to the grass roots, keeping it healthy. The problem is, not everyone knows how to repair divots.

The Twister divot tool has solved this problem, and now anyone can repair divots well. It has three pins that are set in a circle, and all that is required to repair a divot is to push it in and out of the mark a few times and it works to lift the grass without damaging the roots. Golf course tips are good, but it is better when you have one that really solves a problem.

The Twister comes is a selections of colour options, and it can also be personalised with a message. It can have a brand or logo, so it’s good to give as business gifts. Any golfer would be happy to receive a Twister tool as a gift, and enjoy using it as they play. If you want to share golf course tips, just give someone a Twister tool.