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A golf alignment tool is used to help golfers get the right angle for their shot, and they are a useful gadget to have on the golf course. Lots of golfers have a golf alignment tool in their kit, as it helps them to learn and become experienced in judging the right direction to play their ball.

The Alignmee tool by Pitchfix is a quality made golf alignment tool that any golfer would enjoy. If feels comfortable in the hand thanks to the soft feel, and it comes with an intergrated marker pen so you can mark the right angle you need to play on your golf ball. The hook attachment also mean it is a smart looking bag tag.

The Pitchfix Alignmee tool is a good gift idea for any golfer. There are six color options to choose from, and it can also be personalised with a message, or quote. It can also have a brand or logo displayed, making it a great promotional tool for businesses to give to clients and customers.

As any professional greenkeeper knows, repairing divots and brown spots on the putting greens is a task that can be painful for the back. That is why we have created the Greenkeeper Pro. This divot tool has a long, lightweight handle, meaning that there is no more need to bend down to fix divots. The interchangeable heads make this tool great for all types of soil, and the RepairtechTM pins make it hardwearing. Have the Greenkeeper Pro installed at the green edges for players to use, and they will thank you for it! For smooth greens, try the Greenkeeper Pro.

At Pitchfix, we’re well known for our quality golf accessories. If you are looking to create a good brand image, choosing to have our golf gadgets branding with your logo or colors is one way to stand out from the crowd. Our golf divot tools and ball markers are great promotional items to give to clients, or to bring you new business. Branded golf gadgets can also be given as prizes for team days, or can help promote charities. Our golf accessories come nicely presented, so you give a good impression from the start. For golf gadgets branding, Pitchfix is the answer!

A quality golf gift, like a Pitchfix golf alignment tool, creates a great impression for any business. It is something that clients use as they play a game they enjoy, and have a positive frame of mind when they use it, and this has a knock on effect when they consider your business. A golf alignment tool by Pitchfix comes neatly presented in a gift box, and there are other golf accessories that it can be matched with, such as divot tools and ball markers.

If you want to give a good impression to clients, want to give a gift that will put a smile of the face of any golfer, or if you just like to try out all the newest golf tech around, then Pitchfix have a range of golf tools for any purpose.

For business promotional gifts, you want something that gives a good impression. So many business tokens are low quality, because often a compromise is made on cost. At Pitchfix, we are different. Our golf tools are some of the most prestigious tools around, and something that any sports fan would be happy to own. We offer branding across our golf tools, so you can have your logo or colors displayed. Our tools come smartly presented in premium packaging, which can also be branded. Ready to create some promotional gifts to wow you clients, hand out at networking days? Choose business gift branding today!

Aquabrush is the must-have accessory for any keen golf player. It is a club brush with a built-in water reservoir, so players can spray a fine jet of water on their club head and scrub to remove ingrained dirt, grime and debris. This allows it to make better contact with the golf ball, and keeps shots accurate. The Aquabrush easily fits in the palm of your hand, so it is ideal to pop in a golf bag or attach to the outside, and it comes in four bright colors. If you want a cool golf gift, or would like a club brush for yourself, get an Aquabrush!

PickCup is a new golf course accessory that makes it easier to keep putting greens in good condition. It attaches to the bottom of a flagstick and sits inside the hole. When a ball goes in, it rests in the cup and easily retrieved when the flagstick is lifted. The benefit of this is that damage to the hole edges is minimal, and the rubberized outer edge mean that the green is protected if the flag is laid down. The Rules of Golf now state that flags can be left in place while putting, and PickCup conforms to regulations that mean they can be used during competitions. Make green-keeping simpler with PickCup!

Want to look after your putting green and promote your club at the same time? PickCup Promo is the answer! PickCup sits at the base of the flagstick and collects golf balls once they are holed. This means that in order to retrieve their ball, a player just has to lift the flagstick. This minimizes damage to the edge of the hole, and it also provides the ideal way to advertise. PickCup Promo is where a promotional message can be added to PickCup, and will be seen by any player putting at that hole. For effective advertising, PickCup Promo is the solution.

Hybrid 2.0

Do you want a divot tool that can do more? The Hybrid 2.0 has arrived! This divot tool includes a switchblade mechanism for quick release and rubberized grips for comfort. The Hybrid 2.0 also has a detachable ball marker and an inbuilt pencil sharpener, allowing you to keep track of your scorecard while on the course. The ball marker may be personalised with a brand logo for businesses looking for a cool corporate gift that will be recognised every time it is used. With 17 colour options, you're sure to find the right design for yourself or a golfing companion! Try the Hybrid 2.0 today!

Fusion 2.5

Do you need a unique golf gift? Or perhaps you enjoy the best golf gear available. If this is the case, the Fusion 2.5 divot tool is a clear winner! It not only smooths the putting green before you make your shot, but the unique RepairTecTM technology maintains the soil from compacting keeping the grass roots healthy. There are 14 different colour variations to pick from, allowing you to discover the perfect present for every golfer. The removable ball marker of the Fusion 2.5 divot tool may be customised with a logo, so firms looking for a cool promotional gift can boost brand exposure. It also includes a built-in pencil sharpener! Get the Fusion 2.5 now!

Multimarker chip

Are you looking for a golf gift that is a bit different from anything else? Or maybe you enjoy testing new golf gadgets? The Multimarker Chip is a brilliant item that will quickly become a key part of your golf gear. This poker-style chip has a ball marker on one side and can be used as a putting alignment tool on the other. If you are playing golf with your buddies, the Multimarker Chip's numbers can be used as a tee toss! Not just for players, this gold tool is also an opportunity for promotion when customised with a logo. So, if you are looking for a promo gift to spread the word about your business, the Multimarker Chip is the answer! Discover more about the Multimarker Chip now!