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Anyone who enjoys golf will have looked for golf accessories online. Golf accessories are things that are to do with playing golf, that help to improve the game in some way. It could be the right clothing, training aids or other golf equipment that is used while playing. Because the amount of golf accessories online, it can often be challenging to find the right accessory for your needs, or the right gift idea for a golfer.

Any golfer knows that the best gifts are the ones that are actually useful, not like some of the novelty golf themed gifts in stores. The golf accessories online at Pitchfix are things that any golfer would be happy to use on the golf course, like divot tools, ball markers and hat clip ball markers.

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Divot tools are used to repair any areas of turf that get damaged when golfers take a chunk out with their clubs or when golf balls land on the putting greens and leave a dent in it. Putting can be very frustrating if your ball rolls over a divot, so golfers are encouraged to have a divot tool with them so they can repair any marks they see.

There’s a technique to using a divot tool, and that is to insert the prongs around the outside edge of a mark and carefully bring the sides together or lift it to level a dent. The problem is that not all golfers know how to do it, and this can cause more damage. The Fusion and Twister divot tools have made it quick and easy for anyone to fix a divot. The three pin design means that all that is required if for the pins to be popped in and out of a dent a few times, and this lifts the turf without affecting the grass roots.

These golf accessories can be personalized with a message or logo, so a perfect gift for any golfer!