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If you are looking for corporate golf gifts, it can sometimes be tricky to get it right. You want to give a gift that reflect the quality of your business, but as you are likely to be giving out numerous gifts, you’ll want to make sure that the overall coast are kept low. One golf item that is top quality, but also inexpensive is a golf divot tool.

If you are a professional greenkeeper or someone who avoids divot repair due to poor mobility or backaches, then the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool is the one for you. It has a long handle so divots can be fixed while standing. A simple twist with the handle, and divots and brown spots are repaired. Bending down to reach the turf can be a strains, so this tool is for those who have to make many repairs, or those who worry about their backs. The interchangeable heads are effective for any soil, and will last the test of time. Choose the Greenkeeper Pro!

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A divot tool is used to repair the damaged areas of grass on the putting greens. This is mostly the dents that are cause by golf balls landing heavily, or it could be from where golfers brush the turf with their club. This damage needs to be repaired to keep a good surface to play on. The surface of a putting green should be smooth, allowing a ball to roll freely, but when there are dents in it, a ball will not go where it is supposed to. This can make putting frustrating, so golfers survey the grass and repair any damage before taking their putt.

Pitchfix divot tools are something that all golfer want to own, because they have changed the way that divot repairs work. While traditional two pin style of divot tool d work, there is a technique to using one that not everyone get right. The three pin design makes it easy for anyone to repair a divot, and that is why they are some of the most wanted divot tools on the market.

When you have a good promotional gift, it reminds existing clients about your business as well as bringing in new clients. Golf gadgets branding is a great promotional gift idea because our gadgets are top quality, well-made and are useful to have on the golf course. We offer branding on our golf divot tools and ball markers, so your logo or colors are displayed. Great for growing your brand or awareness of your business, team or charity, golf gadgets branding is a marketing method that works! If you are looking for a quality promo gift that comes ready to hand out to clients and customers, see golf gadgets branding by Pitchfix.

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Personalized golf gifts branding is a great way to promote a business. You get a top notch item and have your logo displayed, and that’s what we can do at Pitchfix! Our golf gadgets, such as ball markers and divot tools, are well-known for their quality. Now, with your business or team logo on, you can give a promotional gift that will please any golfer. Each gift is presented in individual packaging, giving you a hassle-free experience. All you have to do is hand them out to whoever you choose! Call today for more information, or to discuss your branding options

Divot tools make god corporate golf gifts because they come if different colors to match a brand, and they can have a logo displayed. Made from quality, robust materials, Pitchfix divot tools are designed to last. If you want corporate golf gifts that get your business noticed, see the range divot tools by Pitchfix!

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If you are looking for a cool club-brush with a difference, you’ve found it! Aquabrush is a cleverly designed cleaning brush for golf club heads. It is essential to keep clubs clean when playing, as dirt and debris can affect the accuracy of your shot. Aquabrush has a tough scrubbing brush, as well as being able to deliver a fine spray of water to remove stuck dirt. With four colors to choose from, Aquabrush is a great gift for every golfer. Not only that, the cap of the Aquabrush can be customised with a brand logo, so it is a great promotional gift too!


PickCup is a clever ball retrieval system that every golf club wants! It fixes to the base of the flagstick and collects golf balls once holed. Instead of reaching in with a hand or putter to retrieve their ball, the flagstick is simply lifted and the ball is tipped out. This minimises damage to the hole edges, keeping the green in good condition. This makes it easier for greenkeepers, but it is also beneficial for players who may feel back strain when bending. Fully compliant with the Rules of Golf, PickCup can be left in place during competitions. Try it now!

PickCup Promo

Have you heard about PickCup Promo? It provided businesses with a unique way of getting their brand seen on the golf course. PickCup sits inside the hole on the putting green, attached to the base of the flagstick. It is a cup-shaped tray that makes it easy for player to retrieve their ball without having to bend down and reach inside the hole. When the flagstick is lifted, so is the ball. The tray of the PickCup is the perfect place to put a brand logo or message, as it will be seen by every player who holes a ball. Get your brand seen with PickCup Promo!