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Business promotional gifts are often given to promote a company, so it is important to choose the right gift to give the right impression. Business promotional gifts are a good way to create awareness about a company and to show the products and services they have to offer. The usual gifts that are used for promotion are often novelty items or branded pens, cups or card holders. These things usually get put in a drawer and get forgotten about. The business promotional gifts that do get noticed are the sorts of things that people would actually enjoy using. A golf divot tool is a gift idea that is ideal for anyone who enjoys the sport. It is used to repair the damage to the grass that is caused by golf clubs scraping the ground or when golf balls land on the well maintained grass of the putting green.

The Greenkeeper Pro is designed to make divot repair easier. For professional greenkeepers, and players, divot repair is something that is part of being on the golf course. But, reaching the grass can be painful for the joints and muscles, so we found a solution! The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool has a long handle that can reach the grass without the need for a person to bend or kneel. It is also built to last. The durable RepairTechTM pins and quality build make this tool something that will cope with any soil type and condition. Get your Greenkeeper Pro divot tool now!

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Promoting a business is always an ongoing job, and you may find yourself looking for new ways to build awareness of your brand. One way is with a fun promotional gift. Golf gadget branding mean that your brand logo can be shown on our golf tools and ball markers. These are items that are commonly used and shared on the golf course, and when your brand logo is displayed it is going to be noticed by many potential clients. Each gift comes smartly presents, so all you have to do is hand them out! Call us today for more about golf gadgets branding!

These divot need to be repaired to keep the course in good condition, and a golf divot tool is something that all golfers are encouraged to carry so that they can repair any marks they see as they play. The golf divot tool has two prongs that are used to gently push the sides of the divot back towards the center, and this is the recommended technique to ensure that no damage is made to the root structure of the grass. A golf divot tools are great to give as business promotional gifts as there is room on the casing to have it personalized with a brand or logo. They are inexpensive compared with other golf gift ideas, and can easily be carried in a pocket or on a key ring. Golf divot tools are great to give as business promotional gifts at golf events, and they are something that any golfer would be happy to receive.

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Promoting a business is an ongoing effort, but one method that works well is a cool branded gift. Personalized golf gifts branding is a super way to create a promotional gift that gets noticed. Your brand logo is displayed on our range of golf tools and ball markers, so you have a quality branded gift to use at networking events and other opportunities. You can also give them to existing clients to remind them of your brand. Neatly presented and ready to hand out, this cost-effective gift helps to grow your brand. Call us today to begin with personalized golf gifts branding!

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Aquabrush is a tough club brush with an integrated water spray. This means you may clean the engrained dirt from your club while on the course, allowing you to hit more shots on target. To use Aquabrush, you simply spray, scrub, and you're done! Even better, if the brushes eventually wear out, you can simply replace them without having to purchase a new Aquabrush. This handy-sized golf gadget comes in four beautiful colours and is convenient to carry by simply clipping to the outside of your golf club bag. If you're looking for a golf present or shopping for yourself, choose Aquabrush!


PickCup is a piece of golfing equipment that benefits every golf course. PickCup attaches to the base of the flagstick, creating a platform that catches a golf ball once it has been holed. To collect their ball, a player just lifts the flagstick and tips the ball out. One of the benefits of PickCup is that it reduces strain on the back because there is no need to bend down. Also, because there is no reaching in with hands or putters to get golf balls out, it also helps maintain the hole margins for longer. This is great news for greenkeepers and groundskeeper staff as it means that putting greens will remain in playable condition with less effort. Buy Pickup today!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo increases brand visibility on the golf course. This innovative ball retrieval device makes it easy for golfers to collect their ball after it has been holed. It also helps to protect the hole's margins from damage, so there is less maintenance for greenkeepers to do. PickCup attaches to the foot of the flagstick and a tray catches a golf ball when it enters. When a player raises the flagstick and removes their ball, the PickCup platform is exposed. Every person who putts their ball will notice your business logo or brand message! PickCup Promo allows businesses to sponsor a hole or even entire events. Why not give PickCup Promo a try today?

Pitchfix DNA

At Pitchfix, we understand that golfers require superior quality products that are both effective and gentle on golf courses. That's why we use the utmost care and precision in crafting every item we manufacture, from the ergonomic grips to the tactile buttons and levers. Our products have also been designed with the expertise of professional golfers to ensure superior performance, making it easier for players and green keepers to keep their courses in the best condition. With our unwavering commitment to excellent design and function, Pitchfix is dedicated to creating the perfect products every golfer desires. For the best golf gear, choose Pitchfix!

Global presence, local service with Pitchfix

With over fifteen years of experience, Pitchfix is a recognised market leader in golf accessories, connecting golfers from all major markets with reliable and high-quality products. Brand owners are particularly impressed with the quality, style and packaging of our products, and the favourable reception from golfers across Europe, Asia and North America is a testament to this. Our ultimate mission is to become the world’s number one name in golf accessories and marketing gifts, and we are fully dedicated to reaching this goal by consistently introducing an extensive range of excellent golfing products. Get in touch today!

What makes Pitchfix tools special

Trusted by brands around the globe, our unique products are the perfect advertising space for your company or corporation. Our wide range of Pitchfix products can be customized to your specific needs with hundreds of colors available to choose from. Why give another generic keyring or stationary item to your customers, when you can gift a unique, practical and high-quality golf tool, that will be used and loved for many years to come? Get in touch with us today to see our range of distinctive products that can help your company stand out from the crowd.