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When searching for business gifts for clients, it is important to get it right as it represents your business. So, choosing great quality and useful items is a must. One item that is great to give as business gifts is a divot tool.

For professional greenkeepers, and golf players, bending down to fix divots in the grass can put stress on the muscles and joints. The putting green needs to be kept in excellent condition, so divots and brown spots need quick repair. The Greenkeeper Pro divot tool is different from others. It has a long handle, so instead of bending or kneeling, divots can be repaired while standing. It has interchangeable heads with durable steel RepairTechTM pins, so that expert results can be made in any type of soil. If you are fed up of back pain from divot repair, get your Greenkeeper Pro divot tool now!

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Getting a good promotional gift can be a challenge. On one hand, it needs to be the best quality item as it is representing your brand. However, it also needs to be cost effective. With golf gadgets branding, the balance is just right. You can have your brand logo displayed on our range of divot tools and ball markers, so you get a quality branded gift that you can buy in bulk. Each comes individually presented and ready to hand out. Use them for networking days, competition prizes, or as a thank you to your existing customers. Get started with golf gadgets branding. Call us now!

Divot tools are useful items that repair the grass on the putting green. Damage occurs when a golfer brushes the smooth surface with their clubs, or when a golf ball lands heaving upon it. Dents in the grass make putting frustrating, as a ball will not roll smoothly if it goes over a divot. That is why most golfers look over the surface of the grass and repair any divots they see before taking a putt.

One design of divot tool has two prongs, and to use it there is a technique to be learned. First, the prongs are inserted into the grass at the outside edges of a divot. Then, working around the outside, the grass is levered back into position. The only problem with this is that if not done right, it can cause more damage. Another style of divot tool had three pins, and it has solved this problem! All that is required is to pop the pins in and out of a dent a few time, and the grass is lifted like magic! This has made Pitchfix divot tools some of the most sought after tools around, and that is a reason why that are good business gifts for clients!

Pitchfix divot tools come in a choice of colors, and can have your logo displayed. Most people are relaxed and happy when on the golf course, so having a reminder of your business while they enjoy themselves also brings positive associations with your business. If you want great business gifts for clients, see Pitchfix today!

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Getting your brand out there for all to see is a challenge for any business owner, and that is why a good promotional gift can really set your brand apart from the rest. Personalized golf gifts branding is where your business logo is displayed on our selection of golf divot tools and ball markers. Golf tools are great promotional gifts because they are often passed between players on the golf course. So, your logo will get seen by many, and attract new clients to your business. For a cost-effective promotional gift that works, call us today to talk more about personalized golf gifts branding!

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