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The turf on the golf course is prone to wear and tear. The scuffs and dents in the grass are called divots, and they should be repaired to keep the grass healthy. The best golf tool to repair them are divot tools, and all golfers should carry one, either in their kit, pocket or on a key ring, so they can fix the divots they see as they play. The traditional style of divot tool has two prongs, and the technique to using them is to insert them around the edges of the divot, pushing the grass back together carefully to ensure no damage is caused to the grass roots. If done properly, it is a good technique, but often it is not done as it should, and this can mean more repair work.

A solution to this problem has been achieved, thanks to Pitchfix. They have designed one of the best golf tools available, the Twister. It has three pins that are set in a circular shape, and all that is needed to repair a divot is to insert them into the mark a few times. This lifts the grass without affecting the roots or soil. There is no technique needed, so anyone can fix divots. This benefits the club, as all members can help to keep the grass looking good.

The Twister tool can be personalised with some text of your choice, so it is a good gift idea for anyone who enjoys the sport. Brands or logos can also be added, so it is good as a business gift to hand out at networking days. The Twister tool is one of the best golf tools to have on the golf course, so if you want to give a gift to please a golfer, or if you enjoy playing golf, the Twister tool is the right tool to choose.

Divot repair is a continuous job on any putting green, and it can be hard on the back for greenkeepers and course marshals to have to bend down to make many repairs. That is why we developed the Greenkeeper Pro divot tool. It features a long handle so that repairs can be done while in a standing position. No more aching backs! There are also interchangeable heads so that divots can be fixed in wet and dry soil, as well as sandy, loam or clay. This useful and durable divot tool looks great installed that the edges of a green, and players will enjoy using them too!

There are many ways you can use golf gadgets branding to promote your business. For example, sending a gift to existing clients to say thank you is a good way to encourage repeat business, or handing promotional gifts out at networking events can get new clients. The right sort of promotional gift is important, as it represents your business. Our golf tools are sought after items, and when branded with your business colors or logo, they make a prestigious promotional gift. Our tools also come nicely presented in gift tins and boxes, ready to hand out! See the range today.

Getting business gifts right is important, as the gift represents your business. That is why good quality, well made gifts are the best. Our range of golf tolls are sought after items, and known for their quality and design. We offer business gifts branding, so you can give out quality tools with your logo or brand colors on them. Our golf tools are neatly presented and individually boxed, and there is also the option to have the packaging branding too, giving a seamless look from the moment you hand out your gift. If you want a gift to impress your clients or attract new ones, golf tools by Pitchfix are a winner!


Grime and dirt that sticks to the head of your golf club can lessen the accuracy of
your shot, so keeping your golf clubs clean while playing is important. That is
why we designed Aquabrush! This compact golf gadget can be prefilled with water
and attached to the outside of your golf bag. When you want to clean your club,
squeeze to release a fine jet of spray and scrub with the integrated brush. The
Aquabrush is made to last, but when the brush heads eventually wear out, they
can be easily replaced without having to buy a whole new gadget. With four
vibrant colors to choose from, Aquabrush is a fun golf accessory for you or for
a friend. Try one now!


PickCup is a clever tool that help preserve the neat edges of holes, as well as making it easier for players to retrieve their golf ball. This cup shaped gadget fixes to the base of the flagstick and sits inside the hole creating a platform to catch the ball. To extract the ball, the flagstick is lifted up and the ball can be tipped out. With less reaching for the ball, PickCup keeps the hole edges neat and tidy. Even better, PickCup use is within the Rules of Golf, so can be used during competitions!

Keep your putting greens looking good with PickCup!

PickCup Promo

PickCup Promo gets a brand name and logo out there to the golfing market. PickCup is used to keep the holes on the putting greens in good condition, and fixes to the base of the flagstick to catch golf balls once holed. A player lifts the flagstick to retrieve their ball, which show PickCup and its branded area. You can have a business logo displayed, so that every player who reaches that green will see it. Ideal for business to sponsor a hole, or to promote club services or etiquette, PickCup Promo add even more value!

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