Our Best Divot Repair Tool
with Ball-marker

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If you’re looking to try the best divot repair tool with ball marker, then you have found it! The award-winning divot tools by Pitchfix can be matched with corresponding colors of ball marker, and is a great gift idea for golfers.

Divot tools and ball markers are often used on the putting greens, and all golfers should have them in their golf bag. Divot tools helps to repair the damage that is caused when golfers strike the ground with their clubs, or when golf balls land on the putting greens and leave a dent. The surface of the putting green should be smooth, or a golf ball will not follow a true line. Golfers check the grass before putting and if they spot a divot, they repair it before taking a shot.

The usual style of divot tool has two prongs, and they are inserted into the grass at the outside edge of a mark. The prongs are them levered up to level it. The problem is that if the right technique is not used, it can damage the grass roots. This means more repair work. Pitchfix divot tools have solved the problem with their award-winning divot tools. They have three pins, and there is no technique required. Just pop the pins in and out of a mark a few times, and the grass lifts!

Ball markers allow a golf ball to be removed and then placed back exactly where it was. They are a golf accessory to use when there is more than one golf balls on the green. The best divot repair tools with ball markers are the ones that can be personalize, and Pitchfix tools come in several colors. You can even have a message, or a brand displayed. If you are looking for the best divot repair tool with ball marker, see the selection at Pitchfix!